Morgan & Colten are getting married! – Hutchinson, KS Wedding Photographer

I photograph plenty of weddings and every one  of them makes me feel something different.  Mostly I feel and see the love, the hard work and the beauty in every detail of the wedding day.  I think about the two people that will become one in marriage right before my eyes and the things that every guest and family member will remember from that day.  I’m always so honored to be capturing such a special time in their lives and I’m sure this wedding will be no different except…those feelings are already there for me and it’s just their engagement photos.  :)  The love here is overflowing and for all the right reasons.

I could photograph Morgan and Colten all day every day.  They are in love and it shows in every move they make.  I just couldn’t get enough so enjoy, I know I did.  Congratulations M & C!


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Tonya - LOVE this sess, Joy! You always do such incredibly rich and beautiful work!!!!! Proud of this amazing couple and all they stand for…..

Deep and Wide, there’s a fountain flowing Deep and Wide

The pain is exactly that, deep…..and ….wide.  Right now it feels unending and unlike anything I ever imagined.  Its more prominent than it was two years ago but why?  Was I in shock, was I trying to protect my kids?  (I felt like I was)  How do I piece together my emotions and put them into words?  Should I put them into words?  Would anyone understand?

Focus is almost out of reach, it’s consuming – controlling, no confusing! What am I supposed to think, feel?  How am I supposed to act?

I must have subconsciously thought it would never happen to me.  I hurt for the few people I’d heard of that had experienced such a loss and I even said to myself “if that ever happened to me, I’d curl up in a ball and never function normally again”.  I typed those words on Facebook that night, while still stunned that it was really true.  I was over 6 hours away and all I wanted to be was there…to know it was true, to hold your hand, to tell you how much I loved you and that you couldn’t leave.

The conversation with my family from start to end still plays in my head right up to the NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO and who knows how many NO’s that came out of my mouth before the phone dropped.  My sweet sister offered to drive through the night to come get me so I could be close to him one more time but I couldn’t stand the thought of possibly loosing one more person in my life due to my selfishness (wreck because she got sleepy).  Besides, it wouldn’t get me there right then…to his truck, to his body laying lifeless in his new truck that he was driving to his favorite fishing hole.  I just wanted to hold him one more time.  I never got to!!!!

Jordan was so full of life and from the day he was born was quite the social butterfly.  He loved people and they loved him…they loved him just the way he was because he couldn’t be anyone but himself.

Softball was in his blood, his dad and all his uncles were known in the small town of Graham, TX and the surrounding areas as….the Chappell brothers.  If you pitched to them, you could plan on it going over the fence.  Jordan on the other hand was known for playing, ——– in his……………………….boots, yes boots – that is, when he played.  Really, he was known for genuinely caring about others and ALWAYS being there if you needed him.

These are the kind of memories I have about my baby.  BABY…he’d be 22 this October but he’ll always be my baby.  He wouldn’t deny it either, his friends say that if I called, he’d tell everyone to be quiet….”my Mom is on the phone.!”  Oh how I love to hear the stories.  Somewhere here I get side tracked about why I even began to tell my story, how it should end.  Maybe I don’t know  because it hasn’t ended.  I still miss him, I sill think about him all the time….especially on the anniversary of his death (today, May 2nd).

No matter what, I believe that everything happens for a reason.  I believe that God has been with me throughout this trial and still is.  That my story is meant to heal………and maybe not only me.

Part 2…to be determined.


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Meegan - I love you sister and I am so inspired and proud of you! For just being real about the pain but also relying on God to be your strength when you have zilch! Your such a great mom and he loved you so much! Praying for all of you!!

Tim - My Bride. I have pushed, thrown, shoveled, hauled, dumped and emptied everything that I have ever thought might possibly help into the cavern that Jordan left. I know that all my efforts still don’t begin to fill it. So, all I can say is “I Love You”. I hope that might add one grain of sand into J’s “Grand Canyon”.

Kelly Cole - Joy – you wonder how you have survived this long and yet you have…strength of character, obligation to those still living and love will keep you, as well as faith in God and support from those who love you. Who could ever convince any of us that “goodbye” could be what we focus on when someone we love is taken from us. My hope and prayers for you is that you will fill that void with the love you had and still do have for Jordan, I hope you can fill it with all of the things you didn’t get to share with him, but will get to share with your other children. I cannot imagine your loss, pain and suffering, but I see strenth, kindness and love in you and appreciate the person that you are and the love that you show to my children and grandchildren. I believe through my years of working with the loss of loved ones, whether through illness, or tragedy that they know and feel our love and grief at losing them. I believe your Jordan couldn’t help but be proud of you and miss you as much as you do him. Part of your legacy is to make sure you remember him as the person he was, and to make sure his brother and sister do the same. My heart is broken for you and you are in my prayers. Your photography work is a gift to help families capture just a moment of memories and keep it for the future. What a fabulous gift you give others.

Hutchinson, KS Photographer – Reed Family

This is one of my favorite families…you may recognize them from here.

Always full of smiles, I could photograph them all day long.  This day was beautiful and provided us with gorgeous sunlight.  The grass had started to grow up around all the trees which made for some extra nice pictures.  I’ll let them speak for themselves.

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Jennifer - Thank you so much Joy! We love them! You make it so much fun! And the kids absolutely adore you! I didn’t think they were going to let you leave! :) Thanks again!!

Debi - Pictures are beautiful!!! I love the one with Mom & Dad kissing!

Lisa Rodriguez - I love these pictures of the Reed family. They are very sweet people and they photograph beautifully. My favorites are: the one with Jennifer and Jamie kissing and the kids sitting in front of them. The one of the two kids sitting on the wooden swing. And the best one of all is the one of the entire family sitting on the log. This one would frame beautifully and look nice hanging in their home. :o)

Anthea Bryant - Wonderful pictures Jennifer. Your family is just beautiful. The kids are growing! The log pic is my favorite but they are all SO good it would be hard to choose. Great job taking them Joy.

Hutchinson, KS Photographer Sheena & Justin Engaged!

I met Sheena a few years ago in a college class we were both taking, turns out we both had dreams of owning our own photography business.  Dreams do come true  you know….and they did for both of us.  Double for her because she found the man of her dreams too!

It’s always fun to photograph another photographer – there are things they just know to do or not do………and they have great ideas of their own and that always makes for a super fun (but long) shoot.  Actually this one wasn’t too long, you see Sheena and Justin had scoped out a fabulous location in his home town of Norman, OK.  It was beautiful and had lots of areas that we just couldn’t resist.

You should see these two together, it’s definitely sweet.  I know their wedding will be one that I’ll have trouble holding back the tears on.

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sheena - Thank You Joy for all your hard work. We had a lot of fun and love the pictures. You are great and I look forward to my bridal session in April and Wedding in May. Busy Busy.

Norma VanWinkle - I love the photos. I think you really captured them both…The best photos I’ve seen made of them yet…

Hutchinson, KS Photographer – Dallas, TX Kayla & Jason Engagements

Get ready to be wowed!

I’m usually not one to not know what to say or how to say it because really, let’s be honest, if you know me… you know that I’m just good at talking in general having conversations.   Note to all of my Bride & Grooms:  I know when to shush too :), which wasn’t the case at this Dallas, TX engagement shoot but it certainly is when trying to figure out what to tell you all first!

I had never met Kayla or Jason before, they hired me without meeting me.  I like to meet my clients so I know that we “click” (you’ve gotta like your wedding photographer right?) but the 416 miles between us didn’t make for an easy afternoon get together.

Well it didn’t take long for us to realize that we were going to get along just fine!  I think we laughed the entire session (some if it was at my expense but that is a whole other blog post and picture – see below).

4 hours or more with about 2 hours of drive time in between and we had all the pictures we needed and I just couldn’t contain my excitement about what a fun couple Kayla & Jason were/are.  My sister (who was my “official assistant” that day) even came up with the perfect terminology for my excitement.  ”You have a couple crush”   “Why yes I do” I said.  And…who wouldn’t  - check these beautiful people (inside and out)!

Congratulations Jason & Kayla, can hardly wait for the wedding!

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Anthea Bryant - Nice photos Joy. Beautiful couple.

M o r e   i n f o
M o r e   i n f o