Sarah & Colt, Hutchinson, KS Wedding Photographer

If you know this couple, you’ve seen it!  The way they look at each other, the love for the kids, how much family means to them.  The love is overflowing and it was even more beautiful in person but we got it in pictures too.  You should see it for yourselves!

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All the decorations were perfectly picked to reflect Colt & Sarah’s personalities!  DB Extreme did a great job, as always, making sure the venue was exactly the way Sarah and Colt wanted it!

Congratulations to you both, thank you for choosing me to capture the beginning of your lives together!

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Debra Miller - Congrats to everyone on a beautiful wedding!!

Nicole & Spencer are MARRIED!!! Wichita Wedding Photographer

I have so enjoyed spending time and getting to know this couple.  Nicole and Spencer are genuine, unique, thoughtful, kind, organized, fashionable and I could go on…. but, I certainly can’t forget that they CAN DANCE!  Maybe that stands out most to me because I am totally lacking in the moves department, let me assure you, they make up for all of us that were born with 2 left feet.  The wedding was just as beautiful as the bride and that didn’t happen by chance, they planned every perfect detail, even the ring bearer penguin!  I’ll leave it up to you to decide but I have no doubt that you’ll agree, it was AWESOME!

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Alicia - What a great job, Joy! Loved the pics…especially the penguin!! What a beautiful and creative wedding!

Sue Kelley - Good pics Joy & Heather

Chase & Adrienne Clark – Hutchinson, KS Wedding Photographer

He’s loved her since elementary school and he finally convinced her to be his forever!  They even decided to get married at the same place they met, St. Teresa’s Catholic Church.

IMG_6802 copy

Adrienne and Chase are such a fun couple.  After photographing their engagement pictures, I was so excited for their wedding.  Not only because I knew it would be fun,
but because when they are together, there’s no mistaking how they feel about each other.  I love, love!

IMG_6742 copy

Every detail was perfect and the weather was no exception.  Rain was in the forecast but we didn’t see a drop, and that allowed us some fabulous photos outside this
beautiful church.

IMG_6611 copyIMG_6636 copyIMG_6625 copyIMG_6647 copyIMG_6692 copyIMG_6718 copyIMG_6722 copyIMG_0453 copyIMG_6622 copyIMG_6650 copyIMG_6688 copy       IMG_6625 copyIMG_6746 copyIMG_6764 copyIMG_6768 copy

I just knew Chase would be up for some fun photos of him and the guys so I was surprised to find him pretty nervous.  He warmed up pretty quick once we got going.  :)
Check out those superhero socks, he even got some for Father Ned, even if they were wonder woman socks.

IMG_6696 copy

KC8A7130 copy

Adrienne’s mom and so many others, including Simply Eventful, worked so hard to make sure Adrienne and Chase’s vision was achieved.

IMG_0276 copyIMG_0632 copyKC8A1360 copyKC8A1361 copy

Their cake was so simple and elegant with enough cupcakes for everyone also.  Cake Affairs, didn’t disappoint with the look or the taste!  It was so good…Yes, I photograph
weddings just to get to eat cake!!!

KC8A6964 copy

The ceremony was so special with family members involved in everything, the couple gave out flowers to their mothers and I fought back the tears during the whole thing.

KC8A7062 copyKC8A7073 copyKC8A7075 copyKC8A7142 copyKC8A7180 copyKC8A7178 copyIMG_0801 copyKC8A7187 copyKC8A7239 copyKC8A7159 copyKC8A7303 copyKC8A7272 copy

Before the ceremony, the couple chose to do a first look where they see each other before the wedding.  I love it when couples decide to do this, mainly because they get
to spend very special alone time, sharing their most intimate thoughts after seeing each other on their wedding day for the first time.  Where they are free to be emotional
without any hesitancy.

KC8A1459 copyKC8A1461 copyKC8A1462 copyKC8A1467 copyKC8A1471 copyIMG_0409 copy

Details are one of my favorite things about a wedding, besides cake.  So much thought, planning and time go into getting it all perfect so it makes sense to make sure
and capture each and every one of those things.

KC8A1224 copyKC8A1237 copyKC8A1320 copyKC8A1239 copyKC8A1241 copy  KC8A6941 copyKC8A7387 copyKC8A6949 copy

While the girls were getting ready, it was so hard not to keep snapping away at the cutest little smiles I’ve ever seen at a salon.

KC8A1174 copyKC8A1213 copyKC8A1315 copyKC8A1428 copyKC8A1431 copyIMG_0262 copyKC8A1141 copy

They guys didn’t have any little people smiles but they cleaned up real nice.

IMG_0364 copyIMG_0290 copyIMG_0306 copy

Congratulations Chase and Adrienne, it was my pleasure to photograph such an important day in your lives, thank you!

IMG_0965 copyIMG_6625 copy    IMG_6789 copyIMG_6792 copy  KC8A7655 copyKC8A7657 copyKC8A7658 copyKC8A7660 copy    KC8A7666 copyKC8A7674 copyKC8A7636 copyKC8A7622 copyKC8A7607 copyIMG_6932 copyIMG_6923 copyIMG_6794 copyIMG_6803 copy   KC8A7464 copy    KC8A7687 copy

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meegan - My sister JOY.. you are AMAZING!!!! seriously these photos blow me away!

Alicia - Love, love these pics! What a great job!! I especially love the 3 generations of wedding bands…how creative!

Nicolee & Brent’s Wedding – Hutchinson, KS Wedding Photographer

I love it when I get to photograph a wedding where the bride and groom are not only so in love but FUN!  These two were definitely that couple and then some!
The ceremony was held at Trinity United Methodist Church, which is a beautiful church full of stained glass and dark wood; words can’t describe it really!  The couple looked just as beautiful!

They chose not to see each other before the wedding so we ended up getting some sweet photos of them behind some fabulous church doors!  Even then they couldn’t resist being their funny selves.


Nicolee and Brent are two peas in a pod and I can only imagine the great future they have ahead of them!  Congratulations Nicolee and Brent, thank you for the smiles and giggles and the great honor of being able to photograph your wedding day.

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Wes & Julie – Hutchinson, KS Wedding Photographer

Meet Julie and Wes.

A beautiful couple who married on a day suited just for them.  Everything about their wedding day was planned and decorated beautifully, and the day itself was no different.  Someone was definitely smiling down on them, as the weather couldn’t have been more beautiful – a light breeze, blue sky and mid-80s.  A day like this in Kansas is definitely unheard of in the middle of July!

Just as perfection had dawned this day, the bride was no exception.  She was a vision of elegance and very calm in the face of ‘wedding adversity’ when her playlist somehow disappeared that morning.  When she found out, she peacefully sat in the reception area and created a new one, almost embracing the moment as quiet time to reflect on her love for Wes and what this day meant to her.

Julie and Wes chose to do a ‘first look’, which captures a very tender moment together, alone.  We scouted out a row of trees near the church where the limbs overlapped to form a beautiful, shady canopy.   I was able to snap a few photos as I positioned Wes to view his elegant bride.  From my vantage point, I could see Julie was ready, so I went to make sure, as I wanted these precious moments to be captured as best as possible for the couple.  As I got close to Julie, I noticed tears in her eyes, indicating the happiness she was about to share with her future husband.  She prepared herself for the beautiful reveal, and then tiptoed down the walk, being careful her heels didn’t sink into the soft ground.  Once she made it to her handsome groom, my lens caught the couple’s ‘fairy tale’.  The moment was elegant, peaceful and full of happiness and I am grateful to have captured it for them.  Julie and Wes continued to share their very private moment, and then gave this once in a lifetime moment closure by praying together.






Soon after, we found a quaint spot close to the church, decorated with beautiful little yellow wildflowers and a view of the river behind them.  Just as the day was perfect, the backdrop for these photos was, as well.  With plenty of time for pictures, we took our time and had a great deal of fun taking shots of the bride and groom.  Every element of Julie and Wes’s wedding day reflected the same elegance as the bride that day.

Julie and Wes are another example of a couple that prayed and waited for one another.  There was no denying what this day meant to them.  On their special day, they would become one.  Julie would honor her groom and Wes would love and support his bride for the rest of their lives.  Wes’s friends took no time at all devising a plan for Wes’s truck after the ceremony.  Wes is a huge KU fan and found his truck not only decorated with rival Kansas State purple, but also wrapped in Saran Wrap and filled with balloons.  That didn’t stop Wes from leaving with his bride though.  He cut through the mess like a knife through hot butter, carefully placing Julie in his ‘chariot’ and away they went to live happily ever after.

Congratulations, you two and thank you for allowing me to capture your wedding day!

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